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Erie Metal Basket


Erie Metal Basket (EMB) originated in 1979 when we purchased a filter and strainer business and sold product back to the original company. We are proud that this company continues to be one of our largest customers with a continuous relationship of thirty six years. EMB quickly expanded our customer base in Erie during the initial years of existence. The ensuing time frame has seen EMB extend its customer base into New York and many parts of Pennsylvania.

EMB has grown mostly by “word of mouth”, and with minimal interpersonal sales efforts. We have managed to maintain a strong balance sheet working for a smaller number of customers than most companies our size. We depend on our quality, on time delivery, competitive pricing and superior customer service to be our megaphone for new business. The purpose of this web site is to increase the reach of the megaphone.

We have developed a supply chain second to none with strong business relationships providing a wide range of goods and services. We select only responsive suppliers capable of supporting our efforts to provide everything our customers require. We reciprocate by paying our suppliers in thirty days or less without fail.